Putting an Acoustic Spin on Your Favorite Rock, Pop and Other Tunes

Hey folks! The Acoostic Shooters are a crowd-pleasing act that entertains any audience with acoustic covers of the latest singles and many more rock/pop/celtic tunes right back to the 60's. Jason's powerful and clear vocals will grab anybody's attention and retain an audience. Eric's well placed harmonies help take songs to the next level. Both artists play their acoustic guitars with high energy and in a complementary fashion.

With the Acoostic Shooters's extensive repertoire, it is possible to tailor every performance to match the individual needs of any venue, making every performance unique. The talent, spontaneity and chemistry of this duo make every performance a memorable event. The duo is fully equipped for any venue. With sub-harmonic processing and kick drum triggers, the Acoostic Shooters can produce a full band sound for any event!

The Acoostic Shooters owns a PA system and all gear required to be self-sufficient for any location. As they play new locations, they gain a dedicated following.